If you had more confidence, what difference would it make to your life?

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What would happen if your dating and romantic life improved?

Some people are happier most of the time – how do they do that?

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My assistant will take your name and number and I will call you back as soon as possible.

Matt Walker-Wilson, Hypnotherapist
“In 1986, I discovered my natural gift for quickly inducing in people the deep trance state associated with successful hypnotherapy. This led me to pursue my life’s work, become certified, and transform the lives of hundreds, overcoming phobias and issues of all kinds.
My patients experience greater success because I supplement standard hypnotherapy with the MARS (Mindfulness and Recalled Success) method, which I developed to integrate mindfulness and recalling past successes at key moments in your day.”

Feeling confident enough to do the "ordinary" things, that before might have worried me.
Sarah, 28, marketing assistant
I have more confidence at work, now. And outside of work, my social life has improved too.
Adam, project manager
I am more calm and relaxed in social situations.
Les, 32, from London
Having more confidence in myself, has helped me deal with my breakup.
Sara, advertising executive from London.
Speaking in front of an audience is not only possible, but actually enjoyable.
Martin, 35, Data Analysis Coordinator.

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All you need to know

Whether you want to change yourself from a smoker to a non-smoker, or from an anxious person to a confident one, or from someone who is afraid of speaking in public to someone who is a confident and accomplished public speaker, hypnotherapy is an effective way of making these changes happen.

Maybe it’s something more physical – allergies or pain, or irritable bowel syndrome that you want to control. Hypnosis has been shown to be effective for all these things.

You might think that these issues are purely physical, but the sub-conscious mind plays a huge part in supporting the immune system.

What other people are saying

… We are now 3 or 4 sessions into the therapy and things are really starting to change. Besides being more productive and less tired, my injuries are becoming less and less painful. My mind is starting to accept that my body is capable of healing itself. more …

Alexandra Merisoiu, 2017 IJKA Karate Triple World Champion, 2016 WMO Martial Arts British National and European Champion

The differences I have noticed in just 4 weeks have been extraordinary …  and week by week the changes have felt subtle as well as monumental – I’ve noticed changes in how I think, the way I communicate and actually live. 

I cannot recommend Matt enough and am so pleased I made this investment in myself and my future.  more …

Neil Allen, Actor

Matt is an excellent choice for hypnotherapy …  Working with Matt has reduced my cravings significantly. more …

Lucy Bainbridge, Teacher

The results were immediate and I am not scared of heights anymore.

I would recommend Matt to anyone who is looking for a talented hypnotherapist, with a great work ethic and proven results. more …

Thomas, Advertising Executive, London

Since I had my hypnotherapy session with you and stopped smoking I don’t have those awful sensations at all! I feel calm!

With every day that passes I feel less tempted to smoke! Thank you so much for your help Matt. I’m really grateful. more …

Alexandra B, Actress from London

Just wanted to say “Thank you” for yesterday’s session. After I left your practice, I felt free and uplifted – found myself smiling quite a lot. Am still doing it. more …

Elena, Actress from London