What Past Clients Have Said About Their Hypnotherapy Sessions

My first ever hypnotherapy experience was with Matt Walker-Wilson. I have been practicing martial arts for 20 years and I was always interested in meditation, breathing, relaxation etc. My present and most important aim is to overcome sports injuries without surgery and become a top athlete in Karate and Obstacle Racing.

I was a bit nervous at the beginning but Matt’s friendly approach made the atmosphere relaxed. So we had 2 mediation stages within the first session. The first hypnosis was good but the second one was excellent! Maybe because I was not nervous any more. I went into a very deep hypnotic trance. My body relaxed like I could never relax it when I meditate alone. So did my mind. Visualization of my desired outcomes was so much easier with his instructions. Even days later I can see myself performing brilliantly! It has definitely improved my performance in my sport of Karate and in my work as a personal trainer.

After only 2 days, I booked another session with Matt. Normally it takes me up to 1 week maybe more to decide whether I really need the service or product. But in this case I know that what I will do with Matt will change my thoughts, which in turn change my performance. We are now 3 or 4 sessions into the therapy and things are really starting to change. Besides being more productive and less tired, my injuries are becoming less and less painful. My mind is starting to accept that my body is capable of healing itself.

Alexandra Merisoiu, 2017 IJKA Karate Triple World Champion, 2016 WMO Martial Arts British National and European Champion

Matt is an excellent choice for hypnotherapy as his ease and manner is very relaxing and it is clear he gets joy out of helping others. He works intuitively and effortlessly and makes you feel very comfortable. He is a true professional and takes care and pride in his work and is also highly skilled. Working with Matt has reduced my cravings significantly.

Lucy Bainbridge, Teacher

To put it plain and simply – Matt is a CLASS ACT and I am so pleased I went for the plunge giving hypnotherapy a try. The differences I have noticed in just 4 weeks have been extraordinary!

Matt is an incredibly personable kind of guy – very approachable, friendly, easy to talk and open up to and I was put at ease very quickly. He really listens to you and I left the first consultation feeling buoyant and hopeful. We talked things through – I understood all that I needed to know about my treatment and week by week the changes have felt subtle as well as monumental – I’ve noticed changes in how I think, the way I communicate and actually live.

I cannot recommend Matt enough and am so pleased I made this investment in myself and my future.

Neil Allen, Actor, London

Tomorrow will be one week since I had my hypnotherapy with you.

I wanted to tell that I feel great without smoking! Even if it has been just an week since I stopped smoking. As I told you I tried several times to quit smoking, but I always started again! During the time when I was trying to quit I felt really cranky, I was nervous all the time, I had the sensation of anxiety. Since I had my hypnotherapy session with you and stopped smoking I don’t have those awful sensations at all! I fell calm! I am aware of all the things that change in my body day after day. Maybe it’s too soon or it’s just me that looks at all the positive things that happened!

With every day that passes I feel less tempted to smoke! If I do feel tempted, I try to focus my attention on something else! For example when I walking on the street I look at the blossom on the trees. They are amazing this time of the year!

It is a great pleasure to have meet you and I am really glad I did. Thank you so much for your help Matt. I’m really grateful.

Alexandra B, Actress, London

Having never used hypnotherapy before, I decided to book a session with Matt Walker-Wilson, to overcome my fear of heights. He managed to make me feel very comfortable by explaining me the principles of hypnotherapy.

When the hypnosis started, I quickly reached the “trance stage” and I felt really relaxed. Matt guided me through this stage to find solutions to my problem. The results were immediate and I am not scared of heights anymore.

I would recommend Matt to anyone who is looking for a talented hypnotherapist, with a great work ethic and proven results.

Thomas, Advertising Executive, London

Just wanted to say “Thank you” for yesterday’s session. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I managed to relax so deeply and quite frankly that hasn’t happened in a while now.

I am deeply grateful. Also, tapping into things I would like to relieve my memory from was extremely helpful. Like you said, it is a starting point to a journey and I hope to continue soon.

After I left your practice, I felt free and uplifted – found myself smiling quite a lot. Am still doing it.

Elena, Actress, London