How to Overcome Procrastination

Everyone procrastinates from time to time. At somepoint in our lives, everyone has put off doing something. But peole do not procrastinate on purpose. Most people really want to get things done, but for whatever reason, things just do not go according to the schedule.

If you a serial procrastinater, then you are not allone. Millions of people  procrastinate like you. And many of them believe that they cannot change their ways.

Take Back Control Of Your Life

Of course it is very easy to come up with creative reasons why now just isn’t the right time. Too busy. Too broke. Too stressed. Too risky. Too uncertain. Too inexperienced. Too old. Too young. Too disruptive.

Sometimes these reasons are valid. But often they are simply excuses. At the heart of all procrastination is fear.

  • Fear of failure: We might not have the skills to complet the task.
  • Fear of judgement: Wven if we do complete it, other people may not be satisfied.
  • Fear of discomfort: The short-term discomfort of actually completing the task might be greater that the on-going discomfort of procrastination.

Fear is designed to protect us from pain (including the emotional variety) and urge us away from anything that might threaten us, injure our pride, or rattle our comfortable world.

Unfortunatley this fear often makes us think that if we procrastinate long enough, our situation will improve. Or our worries will magically evaporate and be replaced with newfound clarity and courage.

We tell ourselves that ‘one day’ we will be ready to make a change, or take a chance; that ‘one day’ the timing will be better, our confidence stronger, our circumstances easier.

In some ways this is true. If we avoid completing that essay for long enough, eventually the due date will have passed and we will not need to hand it in to the tutors. Of course, this will mean enduring the pain of not perhaps flunking the course!

By procrastinating and postponing tasks we are selling out on our happiness – both today, and in the many tomorrows of our future.

Overcome Procrastination

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